I was born and grew up in a tiny village near Valencia. Every day, I helped my mother cook and shop at our local market in Alberique.  No one had their own oven in our village and my mother was an amazing cook, I learnt everything from her. when I left school at eleven, I didn't even know Britain existed! And here I am now living in the grounds of the beautiful Picton Castle, having cooked for the Queen. Never, never give up on your dreams I say!


I grew up in the New Forest and spent my childhood dreaming of becoming a ballerina and doodling in the margin. I graduated from Southampton Faculty of Art and Design (so long ago now, that the place doesn’t even exist!) and worked as a professional Doodler of Margins (Graphic Designer) for twenty years. We moved to Pembrokeshire in 2006, and now live in the middle of nowhere where I read, write, and run. Oh and I wrote a book.