Apart from love (which is essential)...

H: Hi! Maria, how are you, missing our catch-ups and cappuccinos.

M: Hi Helen, it's the same day in day out, I am missing cooking…x hope you are ok?

H: All good. Cooking with the kids and going on walks.

M: Making breads makes me happy. I make it like my mother

H: Looks delicious. Bet it smells good in your kitchen...

M: Haha, it certainly does!

Maria- Delores, my mother, Maria Three Forks

Hey! Maria Three Forks

My mother made bread everyday except for Sunday. Instead, on Saturday, she made double. She didn’t have an oven in her house so, after she'd made the dough and shaped it she took it to the village baker, along with all the other women of the village. The baker baked all the loaves together in his giant oven.

When it came to collecting the loaves, the baker put all the bread on a big table and each person had to be able to identify which loaf belonged to them. My mother's mark was three fork marks pushed into the bread so that everyone knew that it was ‘Maria 3 Forks’ bread!

Nothing quite like the smell of a freshly baked loaf!

Stay home, make bread (if you can get flour), keep well! Mx Hx

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