It’s that time of year when celebration is in the air. Whether it’s a summer wedding, a graduation, the end of term or just the fact that the sun is out! The sound of corks popping and ice cubes rattling is the soundtrack to a summer evening.

H: I always head straight for the Pimms or the Prosecco if I’m having a bit of a get together with friends and family. How about you Maria? I’m guessing you’ll favor Cava or Sangria more?

M: But yes, of course I like Cava, and Sangria – made with a good Spanish red wine and Spanish brandy, is delicious. When I go back to Valencia I meet my best friend and we go to a Café we discovered together, Café De Las Horas. It’s very old, inside, it’s totally amazing. And always, we have Valencia Agua – Valencia water.

H: Water?

M: Hahaha. Not water. It’s with oranges that grow in Valencia, vodka, Cava and lots and lots of crushed ice. Then serve in a champagne glass. Totally delicious! You must try it.

So I did. Yes, it is ‘totally’ delicious, and yes I think my hair may have stood on end, but as Maria said, You must try it!

Try a Spanish Cava for this recipe, 1+1=3 Cava Brut available from Ultracomida is an excellent choice.

A great sparkling wine aged in the bottle for 12 months, it is clean and fruity on the nose with a softly and vintage frame. This cava is a lively, tasteful and elegant well bodied wine with fine and delicate natural bubbles. Easy to drink with a gentle dryness.

It tastes very citrusy, really...Spanish!

Don't forget Friday night is tapas night At Maria. Call 01437751346 to book a table.

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