Comfort Cake

It’s grey, the wind 's howling, rain is lashing down – winter, not my favourite.

M: No, not me too. It is like the storm in Valencia, the wind, the lightening, and the water, you remember the water, and the snow! That was the first snow Vallada had in ten years, I am telling you – ten years!

H: And, it had to choose the weekend we came to visit!

M: And then there was no power, and I thought, we’ll never get home!

H: And me. And, I nearly didn’t!

Maria is right, the weather was just like this, when we visited Vallada, the town where she first met her husband and later returned to live with her family for six years. It was a wonderful place to visit, even during Storm Gloria! We ate paella at an amazing restaurant in the hills above the town, our lunch, even in torrential rain, was cooked over open fires.

We stayed the night with close friends of Maria, Manola and Peter. Just before the snow wiped out the power, Manola served us all with a delicious cake, and of course, freshly squeezed orange juice. The cake, a perfect chocolate one for a stormy afternoon tea was as light as a feather – delicious.

It took some translating, but below is Manola's recipe, via Maria and storm Gloria.

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