Gin, in a cake?

gin and tonic cake

“Hola! Welcome to the mad-house Helen!” Maria greets me.

At Maria’s is a hive of activity, a man’s delivering towers of boxes, all full of Spanish wine, Emma is whisking up quiches faster than you can slice an onion and Vanessa is cooking up a storm in a frying pan. And Maria? Maria is simultaneously making everyone a cappuccino whilst holding a Spanish conversation class!

She hands me a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

“Buenas dias!” She calls out to her class and I think they carry on chatting about chips. I take a bite of cake. Mmmm, what in the name of all that is cake, is this?

“That, is gin and tonic cake! See I told you it was delicious!” Maria laughs.

Here's the recipe, if you fancy a go.

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