Happy Holidays!

If you fancy trying a glass of Bellmunt from the vineyards around Barcelona. go to: https://www.ultracomida.co.uk/spanish-food-wine/show/bellmunt-white

They say: Bellmunt is a young, easy drinking white wine with hints of orange peel and herbs of the Mediterranean. A great accompaniment to fish and summer vegetables. 

H: What, Maria, are mejillones al vapor?

M: Steamed mussels!

Simple Steamed Mussels

• Clean mussels and add to a deep pan.

• Add half a glass of water, bay leaves, a quarter of a lemon and a little coarse salt.

• You can also add half a glass of white wine, maybe a glass of Bellmunt!

• Cover the pan and cook on a medium heat.

• When it comes to the boil, cook for 8 -10 minutes to wait for the mussels to cook well and open.

• Remove unopened mussels

• Transfer to a plate and serve with lemon wedges.


Don't forget, Friday nights are tapas nights at At Maria's. Call 01437 751346 to book

Te veo pronto!
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Words/photographs/illustrations© 2019 Helen  Lewis