How d’ya like your eggs in the morning?

M: I like mine on a plate – Huevos al plato – eggs on a plate, like my mother used to do.

First of all she made the sauce, tomato sauce. She made it with a little bit of chilli:

- tomato,

- chilli ,

- garlic,

- salt and pepper

- a pinch of sugar.

You can use fresh tomatoes but peel them, then chop them up. Fry the tomatoes with your onion and garlic and olive oil, obviously. A bit of chilli, yes – a pinch, a bit more, you choose your heat! So, you fry the ingredients until they reduce to a lovely, thick sauce, it doesn’t have to be smooth.

Now the eggs.

Get a little dish. Right. Fill with some sauce. Crack and egg into each dish. And bake it for 10 minutes in a medium oven. Then serve it with beautiful crusty bread. Then you break the egg open and you eat!

It's here! It's arrived! Our little Tapas baby...

Tapas At Maria's by Maria Grimwood and Helen lewis
On general release and for sale early November 2019

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