How many pancakes did you manage to flip on Tuesday?

Here in Wales, like the rest Britain, we’ve been celebrating Shrove Tuesday with Pancakes, which are traditionally eaten on the day before Ash Wednesday. Pancakes are made with a batter that uses up eggs, milk, and sugar before the fasting season of the 40 days of Lent.

H: Do you have pancake day in Spain Maria?

M: No, I don’t know why, but the first day of Lent, it is Carnival day.

H: Ash Wednesday?

M: Uh ha, Carnival Day, that was the celebration before you get into Lent or Cuaressma, we call it. We have processions and parades, people throw confetti and paper streamers at one another.

And then, during Lent, there were things we did not eat, we did not used to eat meat. So in Spain on Carnival day, and in some places, Fat Thursday – called that because this is when we use all the meat fat, we use up all the ingredients – like making pancakes on your Tuesday.

We make Buñuelos de viento, which means frittas –donuts and Viento, like the wind, so quick, it comes then it’s gone. They were my mother’s favourite. They are so easy to make, with ingredients you have in the house, you don’t need to do shopping.

“But the Buñuelos de viento, they are absolutely so easy to make!”

“With ingredients you have in the house, you don’t need to go and do the shopping.”

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