It's that time of year again!

Elderflower time, my favourite!

I’ve always thought of elderflower as a very British thing…

H: Do you use elderflowers in anything you make Maria?

M: In Spain, no! But here, of course! We make cocktails with lovely Spanish Cava, we make desert, soft meringue, elderflower and raspberry, many, many things. Here, you mix the cocktail, I’ll make pudding!

Elderflower cocktail

Cava and elderflower cocktail

Serves 6

1 bottle of Cava - Spanish obviously (wonderful selection at

6 tbsp elderflower cordial

1 lime thinly sliced into 6

Mint leaves

Put a 1tbsp of Elderflower cordial into each glass. Add a slice of lime and a few mint leaves. Pour over Cava. Cheers! Here's to summer!

Elderflower and cava cocktail

Hazelnut, elderflower and raspberry roulade

The recipe for this deliciously light and fragrant desert is featured in our forthcoming book At Maria's.

hazelnut and elderflower roulade

Something to read whilst you're sipping you're cocktail!

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