Seasons greetings!

Hola 'elen Hola! It's been so long! How are you? How is your family?

Hi H! How's things


I love coming here, it's like walking into a family reunion! The people are great, it smells great, tastes great and the gardens are gorgeous in this Indian summer weather.

At Maria's has settled into the new rules for eating out, it's a well (olive) oiled machine. Even in late September there's a queue forming and the tables in the courtyard are full -it's only 10.30am!

Viola! What do you think?

(Maria produces an amazing chocolate roulade creation from the kitchen)

"That's amazing!"

"You think?"

"I do!"

We catered for a party and we made this cake...I decorated it. Me, yes, I did this! It was a great party really, really grand. And the house was amazing. We made canapes, little empanidilla's, Yorkshire puddings, horseradish and roast beef, Thai fish cakes and... the cake, and everyone said “You buy those leaves?” And I say NO! I made it. So, Emma made the cake, the square cake, Julie and me, we make the icing – it's so easy to make. And the effect, it is unbelievable! No?

"I will call it Autumn Leaves Roulade, what do you think, amazing, no?"

"Amazing! Yes!"

The cake is easy to make:

And when your cake is ready, start decorating...

We are open for Friday and Saturday night take away tapas. Please phone us with your order.

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