Strawberries are not just for Wimbledon

“Morning everyone!”

At Maria’s is buzzing already. There’s a delivery man wheeling crates of Spanish wine back and forth, looking for a home for his bottles, Dai Evans arrives to check that Maria is up to speed on the two coaches that are due at 11 O’clock and Adam appears to be making flower patterns with sliced strawberries!

H: What is that?

M: Strawberries.

H: ?

M: It is Strawberry Carpaccio.

H: I thought carpaccio was something to do with beef!

M: Yes, but no. We make this last night for our guests. They said “No, no we can’t manage a pudding we are so full! But I said to them to try this and the finished everything! It’s totally delicious. Absolutely refreshing and very light. Here, I’ll show you…

Always use the best Balsamic vinegar you can afford. Strawberry Carpaccio
Totally delicious. Absolutely refreshing and very light.

Have a go and send us pics, we'd love to see!

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