The cake - it's back!

Well, did you give it a go?

Did yours rise, sink in the middle, have a soggy bottom? The Gin and Tonic cake, people.

I did. Sugar, butter, flour, eggs, lemon, tonic, yes, one from Fever Tree and Gin…Gin? Do the Spanish even make Gin, Sherry, Vino, Riocha but Gin?

“Ha! Come, I will show you!” And Maria introduces me to gin the Spainish way.

gin and tonic cake
My attempt at Gin and Tonic cake

Here’s my attempt and it’s really easy to make and really easy to devour in large slices!

The only problem I had was which gin to choose. I opted for Siderit Hibiscus Gin, it comes from a small batch distiller, Distileria Siderit, based in the Puente Arce area of Spain. This gin is delicious, it’s the prettiest of colours, smelling of Hibicus flowers and cinnamon and (although slightly extravagant) spot on for Gin and Tonic cake. I applied the 1tsp for you (the cake mix) and 1tsp for me (the Helen) technique for making the cake and the result, as you can see, is almost perfect!

A variety of Spanish Gins, including Siderat Hibiscus Gin, Santamania Reserva and K25 Gin are available at Ultracomida on-line or in store (Narberth, Aberystwyth, Curado Bar Cardiff).

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