These are so delicious we fight over them...

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

M: Berenjeras fritas a la miel! Aubergines, yes?

H: No. (I really hate aubergines)

These cost nothing to make but as children we would fight over them as they were so delicious.

Aubergine fritters? Aubergines.... mmmm not my favourite, not really....

I have cooked these many, many times (once for Nigel Slater!) and they never fail to please!

I really don't like aubergines, in fact...

You wait, I promise you, you will love these!

In the time I've been moaning about eating my veg, Maria has whisked up a batter from nowhere and is busy frying crispy golden discs of (evil) aubergine on the hob. In a matter of minutes the aubergines are whisked out and onto a plate and drizzled with Pembrokeshire honey. Oh law! She's going to make me try one.

Voila! See, try one...come on...

Anything drizzled in honey has got to be Ok, hasn't it? I take a bite... Oh my word! These are, actually, amazing! The aubergine has melted into the crispy batter, and I love it when you get a that sweet/salty taste.

Truly, these are delicious.

I really like aubergines (if Maria makes them into fritters).


Words/photographs/illustrations© 2019 Helen  Lewis

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